Ella Mae Saison: Now that I have you

Jul 31, 2007

If only you could have stayed a little longer
If i had known this feeling then i could´ve been much stronger
And the hurt i feel right now would be so far away
Now all the memories tell me i should´ve made u stay

U said we´ll make it last 4ever
Maybe u could´ve been a little stronger too
Now i know that sometimes promises just fade away
I need u here beside me, it´s just no good to feel this way

Now that you´re gone
I wish u never had to go
Now that you´re gone
This pain i feel inside me just goes on & on
Now i know i need u
And i never should have let u go

(Repeat 2nd Stanza)
(Repeat Chorus 2x)
I never should have let u go