Ella Mae Saison: Maybe this time

Jul 31, 2007

What do you do if he's waiting for you
You're not ready, you're not ready
To Take a chance again
You seem scared to find a lover again
Made a mistake once before
Can't afford to make anymore

But if I gave it a try
Would i say "Oh My, Oh My"
Cause it seems it never ever pays
To take a chance

(Wooh) But Maybe This Time
maybe this time
will be a better chance for us
maybe this time
its gonna be something REAL
It's been madness all the way
But maybe Fate has changed our ways
and i hope this time it proves to be
something true, something true

What do you do when he starts caring for you
Do you accept it
Or do you say you have to be on your own
You seem scared to depend on someone else
And I hate this feeling I get
Knowing one day that someone might be gone
I hope this time
Proves to be True
Cause it feels so good to me.