Itchyworms: Chocophotoland

Jul 31, 2007

All day long I’ve been staring
At your picture
Dreaming I was with you
So I could eat you
I could taste you on my lips
When I lick my fingertips
Spit the eyes I’m fancy free
Every morsel is for me

Soaking in sugar daydreams
Now I’m drowning
Floating by, wipe your fingers
On the frosting

Mr. Creampuff’s in the air
Don’t you wish that you were there?
Shake his hand and open wide
Let your tasty buds decide

Cocoa candy really makes you laugh
Chocolate milkshakes on a photograph
Looks so real to me
It makes me wanna take a look at
Choco photoland

Sit and stare as the sun melts
All the ice cream
Drink it down, feel the sweetness
In your bloodstream

You’ll be comin’ back for more
Finish off the apple core
Chocolate Mousse are running by
Gummi angels in the sky

Pap pa
Pap pa