Itchyworms: Mellow carousel

Jul 31, 2007

If you open the door, you can see all the floor
And you’ll see that you can do so much more
If you ask for a light, say goodbye to the night
Then we can go ride my famous

Mellow Carousel

There’s a mop on the top if you’re looking for pop
But you can do so much more than that
Seeing more than it seems. Do you know what I mean?
Singing lines from Michael Jackson’s

Pour some water on the horse
Give them shoes. Give them oars.
Come and ride the carousel
Bring some notes to sell

Tell me where you will go. Will you go with the flow
And in turn get lots and lots of dough?
Look inside who you are. Do you wanna get far?
From that overcrowded ride called

Mellow Carousel
Mellow Carousel