Itchyworms: Not much

Jul 31, 2007

Got a lot of trouble today
I’ve got a lot of things to do
Would you believe if I say
I’ll keep singing, too?
I can’t believe there’s something
I won’t think to try
I think that next to nothing
I won’t make you cry

Well since you’ve walked into my life
I’ve been rockin’ on inside
Singing happy songs at night
And there’s nothing else
Nothing else to hide

They say the boat is sinking
And I’d fade away
Just don’t believe them baby
I am meant to stay

Singing beside you baby
Always makes me cry
Might find the words too easy
But I’ll always try

There’s a lot of things I’d say to you
And there isn’t much that I can do
You don’t know what I am going through
I can’t seem to find the words
To talk to you