Itchyworms: Mr. Love

Jul 31, 2007

Boy: Dear Mister Love
my name is Boy
i’m only thirty-nine years old
i haven’t had a girlfriend yet
i’m so alone
i really don’t know what to do
so i’m asking for some tips from you

Mister Love: Hey Boy!
if you think a girlfriend is what you need
true love indeed
she’ll take away your money
and leave you crying to me
trust me
so follow my advice and soon you’ll see

Boy: Dear Mister Love,
i think you’re wrong
’cause everybody in the world needs love
and i know that’s where we belong
i’ve so much love
my heart is bursting through and through
i just need someone to give it to

Mister Love: Hey Boy!
if you think it’s love in your life you lack
it’s a heart attack
think of yourself as lucky
to be single and free like me
No you don’t need another he or she

Boy: What is it that made
you feel that way?

Mister Love: What do you care?

Boy: Tomorrow there’s a
chance for a brighter day

Mister Love: Can’t you see we’re
living in a world of hate?

Boy: A World that you made

Mister Love: Tomorrow we’ll see
what happens to me
you might be right
it’s dark here but there’s a light

Live your life a littleand send it out
send it to Mister Love
if you get in trouble
He’ll come and make it double
and send it out
send it out to Mister Love