Sharon Cuneta: It's take a man and a woman

Aug 3, 2007

Well it just takes a star
To get up so high
One touch of blue to paint up the sky
And it only takes a "master of art"
To paint a mother and child ...

Well it just takes the dawn
To wake up the sun
One lullabye for day to be done
But these wondrous things
Ain't got what it takes
To make two hearts beat as one ...

(Hooh) It takes a man and a woman
One magic moment to know they're in heaven
(Hooh) It takes a man and a woman
To feel what we're feelin'
And ain't it a miracle that
You'd take a woman like me
To love a man like you ...

Well it just takes some rain
And a river to flow
It takes looking up
To catch you a rainbow
And if you've got some time
Find a ladder to climb
You'll find the rainbow's end ...

Well it just takes some notes to write a song
La la la la to sing along
But since Adam and Eve when feeling get strong
To do what comes natur'lly ...
(Repeat refrain 2x)