Wolfgang: As oceans

Aug 3, 2007

Close your eyes and rise as oceans
Breathin’, floatin’ across the waves
Underneath you all sorts of emotions
As this blue horizon calls

And no God or man can control where you roam
As current serves my motor
I’m pushin’

Now awake like the oceans feel your waves
Tentacles to crash rocks on shores
Tides devoid of emotions
All your wonderful dreams washed away

As i stand on the sand dragged by your hand
Like an anchor thats bringin’ me
Down below the water
‘Cause man He can control where you roam

Now rest as oceans
Be still, still yet always in constant motion
Quiet but never afraid
Silent but always awake

And no God nor man can dictate where you stand
No bounderies cast forever
You last forever
As the ocean calls your name