Wolfgang: Semenelin

Aug 3, 2007

On an uncharted isle
A group of ground diggers toil
To try to find what remains are lying
Beneath the darkened soil

With their axes constantly pounding
And their shovels breaking through the ground
It was about daybreak when someone shouted
He had heard an awkward sound

Oh my! Here we’ve found something
What could it be
Oh my, I can hear my heart pounding
It’s the Nobel Prize for me

All went close to pay attention
To what it was that made them run
A piece of metal shone in the opening
With the rising sun

From under the ground they saw it rise
No one knew what was coming
An ancient machine stood before their eyes
If they only knew what they were doing.

Tattooed across the monster’s back
Was one word written down in black
From origins unknown, where did it begin
The mighty behemoth, Semenelin

At once, the military came
They were there to investigate
They sent soldiers in
To see what they could locate

Hands quickly started to pry
Levers were pulled, God knows why
The turbines began to hum
The machine was on

It tore the ground beneath them
And created lava pools
An excellent burial
For this ship of sinking fools

Someone built it up to hold a mighty reign
Over his steadfast domain
The world now shudders in its bulk
To the rotting hulk

As payment for our sins
To the mighty monarch