Wolfgang: Beast

Aug 3, 2007

And to the beast
I love you

And to the beast i’ll have you
Though sometimes you tear me apart
and to the beast I need you
To keep the beating in my heart

And to the beast I want you
The lust I need to keep my spirits high
And to the beast i’ll kiss you
To give me dreams late at night

You can’t run, you can’t hide
From what will find you alone on the night
You can’t escape though you may try
The beast inside

Yes it’s true he comes undignified
But to my aid he has yet to deny
His power brings glory but often drags shame
And if ever needed he’ll show no restraint

Surely alone in the dark corners
He cries succumbing the human inside
For as every man has a monster to beware
So must a beast have something to bear

And to the monster I introduce the man
Though not as great the first still somewhat so grand
It’s dignity we can never understand
For without the beast there is no man

The beast inside