6 Cyclemind: I'm sorry

Aug 3, 2007

Verse 1:

You said that you'd be mine, forever
I took the road with you, forever
You said I'm the man, forever
You whisper not to worry, forever
You said that it's better, forever
If I stay here with you, forever


The weather changes like the music fades
And the promise you made will fade away


Forever I'm sorry
Forever I'm sorry
Forever I'm sorry
Forever I'm sorry

Verse 2: (do Verse 1 chords)
You said that you did not lie, I'm sorry
You answered with no questions, I'm sorry
You said that dreams will come alive, I'm sorry
there's no hope to try, I'm sorry
You said that you're sorry, I'm sorry
If I give you, I'll lie' I'm sorry

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

Time tells a lie, as you show you lie
Collide within my soul
You took me out, you took control
Tell this love to fall, as you keep me in vain
Surprised to hit my bone
You take me out, you fake me, you clone

(Repeat Chorus)