Rachelle Ann Go: And you love me

Aug 2, 2007

Tonight is filled with love
Everything is far away
I’m trying to imagine you are mine
I must have found a million ways
Of fantasizing

I look up to an empty ceiling
But only memories of falling
Tangled in your sound of breathing
Like it was my last

And in my mind i hear your voice

Say that everything we feel
Is almost something
Say i’m everything you’re dreaming
When you’re dreaming
Say that you won’t let me go
But tell me one thing
Cos my heart says that you’ll want me
And you love me

I’m hiding cos it’s safe
That’s how it’s going these days
Maybe i’m too fragile to laugh
It’s always like
Or just pretending

While in my mind i hear your voice

[repeat Chorus]

You’re the reason i’ve been suffering
You’re the reason for my
There was nothing that can stop me
When i’m reaching for you now

Say the stars can never blind us
From these feelings
Say that nothing can be less than
What we’re seeing
Say i’m always in your soul
Don’t keep me guessin’
Cos my heart says that you’ll want me
I know you love me