Rachelle Ann Go: And me you

Aug 2, 2007

You say you love me
And what you do for me
But uncertain how will i react
You look real nervous
So scared that i’ll turn
And never look back, ooh

I didn’t swear i would stay, did i
I never thought you
Would doubt me that way
But if you need an answer
Then all honesty

You say you want me
Each day you’ll love me deeper
Oh baby, and me you
You long to hold me
I’ll make your life much sweeter
It’s/That’s how i feel for you too

I move real slowly
I guess that’s just my way
That doesn’t mean i don’t feel deep inside
When you’re not with me
I want to be there
Just holding you tight, so tight

It’s not like i feel unsure, ooh
My heart is focused like never before
And if you need an answer
Then all honesty

[repeat Chorus]

I believe
Didn’t you, didn’t you tell it
Only me forever
There’s no doubt
That’s how i feel for you too

[repeat Chorus]