Karylle: Lose control feat. Krook and Jolo

Aug 1, 2007

get up stand up til you lose control
all we need is a little bit of action
freak baby til i lose control
move that body heat with chain reaction

verse I :
as i come around, everybody dance
feel the heat and move it to the ground
all the ladies, shake to perfection
all the fellaz, show me some emotions

bridge I:
baby baby now here we go
are you ready for the ultimate show
baby baby now here i go
crazy party and the ultimate show

bridge II:
show me your moves
don’t be shy just work that
I’ll show you ma style
ain’t nothin like it get ready now here we go
I remember

i remember the time when i met you
we were so young and i was so unsure
didn’t even know the meaning of love
although i felt something inside me

Bridge I
That’s not the way how we planned it
and not the way it used to be
that’s not the way how we wanted it
so we have to say goodbye
all these feelings i cant hide

i remember all those times ,when we were so in love
thought that its forever and forever you are mine
i remember all those days when we were makin love
nothing’s been the same my baby, since you've been gone

i still dream about you
my heart still beats when i see you around
i know you’ve got someone beside you now
but if you need me I’m still there for you

why do we have to say goodbye
why do you put these tears in my eyes
days feel like years when you’re not around
it hurts me inside baby
deep down inside me

repeat hook 2x
bridge II:
i am still hopin that there will come a time
I’ll feel you and touch you, just kiss you
all through the night

repeat bridge 1, hook