Karylle: I need you

Aug 1, 2007

I keep thinking I'm over you but I'm not
I still cry when I think about the love we could've had…listen

Baby I can't deny it
i miss you so
all my thoughts of you
just keep goin on and on and on
i know we're both tired of mendin
what's a little more understandin
just to show how much u mean to me

many times we let it go
we tried so hard holdin on
compromise, apologizin
just to save our love

i need you cant you see
i love you come fill ma heart
i need you right from the start
if you feel the same way baby
come back into ma arms

remember when we're romancin
a little kiss and huggin
and when we touch
feels like it's gonna be forever
still i feel your warm embraces
those lips that i've been kissin
your face those lovely eyes
that tell me i am yours
and you are mine
everytime i sleep at nite
thoughts of you pass through ma mind
just forget it i dont regret it
treasurin your love