Greyhoundz: Y

Jul 31, 2007

All i seem to have for you is lust
If you’d be wise, then you’d give me no trust
I love you but i don’t love you enough
All i got to say to you is tough shit
If i cared a bit then maybe you’re in luck
Cuz all i realy want to do to you is fuck
Hard till i can’t breathe i wanna hear
U say that i’m a fuckin’ tease
Never nothin’ else can you take what i got to give
Can you give what i need to live
I told you before you mean nothin to me
So why you gotta ask Y don’t you love me?
Bitch! why don’t you love me? y? is it bcuz of him?

Bitch! Why don’t you love me? Y? Is it bcuz of her?
I just melt everytime i hear your voice
I lose my poise i can’t do anything i have no choice
Then i stutter and i begin to wonder or should i first ponder or just be under your spell
Well, i really couldn’t understand Y cuz i’ve been trying to ignore what i feel inside
Is it love? or is it just lust?
Girl i wanna fuck you fuck you in the ass
Feel me touch me wish you own me
Drive me crazy while you still have me

How would you like to begin to daze me?
How would you like to bring your imagination
Into reality, no longer fantasy
Come play with me, how would you like?

But Y are you ready to do what i’ll tell u to?
Are you ready to go down on your knees & give me head till i bleed?
I need you to feed, my passion & hunger for your skin, so can we begin?

Sure boo! You know i am always will be a crazy bitch by heart
I’m down for anything but none for the love

I’m also down for anything especially the fuck

I can feel you fallin’ hard
No turning back i want all that you’ve got
And no strings attached

I’m confused, i’m confused
Cuz we both feel the same
We long for each other’s lust
And we want each other so much

So why don’t u love me?
Feel me touch me wish you own me
Drive me crazy while you still have me