Freestyle: My way your way

Jul 31, 2007

Been thinkin' of you
Like I always do my love
These tears I cry
Cause the day that I feared
Is finally here, my love
And I don't know why

You no longer see
Your tomorrow with me
Now we could never be...

You go your way
And I'll go my way
You know I can never
Force you to stay
You won't be mine
You made up your mind
So just keep on going
And don't look behind
I'll always hold dear
The times you
We're here with me
And I won't forget
All the dreams that we shared
And how much you cared for me
I've no regrets..

Refrain 2:
Though now all I have
Are long lonely nights
Cause you've already said goodbye


I love you
With all my heart and soul
And I never thought
We'd ever fall
I know
You know just where you belong...
Here with me, here with me


Cause you don't wanna see me
Down on my knees
I'll be kissing my dreams away
Now all I can do
Is let go of you
And pray that you'll
Come back to me someday