Freestyle: How I roll

Jul 31, 2007

Youll no i be rockin da latsest fashions
From fendi to parasucco i don’t know y yall even askin
Its nuttin new bout da way i roll its nuttin new bout da way i roll
Plus da lyrics i spit you no day be otta control.
I give em no choice cuz itz all eyez on me
When i pull up in my rolls royce
I no people wan hate
Cuz when it comes down to style i makes no mistakes
Everything bout me is classy and sopisticated
And don’t get made at me if im well educated
I don’t let jealousy get in da way of my fame
Every thing bout me is thorough
But at the same time nothing bout me remains the same
Im always dropin something new on u cats
Its hard for yall to keep up wit me
And stay on the right track
No slipin outta line if you gone roll wit me
Cuz dis chick right hea plays no games as u can see