Freestyle: Hidden freestyle

Jul 31, 2007

I tell you to sit down put you in tears she wants me
to taste her pussy get the fuck outta here
when I leave out the house you ask me were I'm going i
told a bitch to get my ballon out and start blowin
You wanted to see my 3-80 that's my gun
I get so much pussy I mine as well have one
No I'm not gay today is the day
I get so much pussy like I'm an ass tray
Then I broke the rubber busted a nut up in your mother
so how do you feel about having anthor little brother
I talk to people give them a dare you so ugly you give freddy
cruger nightmares
I start wars like a patriot I run so damn slow seems like
i'm doing the matrix
yeah I like to gamble and make bids silly rabbit fuckin trix
are for kids
I go to jail same day I make bail you fuck with me
then it's your first day and hell
i'm real kind yeah I'm nice slip up a beat you
like the great white hype
He was so swollen got stung by bees he keep talkin
stuff then I will hang you in the trees
i'm tierd of flowing I'm trough make sure you stick around for
part two