Erik Santos: You

Jul 31, 2007

The very first time I laid eyes on you
There’s no day that I don’t think of you
Never thought that I will be true
To this feeling that I never knew

Can’t imagine myself getting this crazy
I can’t believe myself
Hanging on to this fantasy

You gave life to my dreams
Made this world real
You made me fly
Tell me why
Tell me how you made this heart beat for you

Only you made my world brand new
You brought smile to my face
Colored my days
You are the one
You are the sun, the moon, the stars
It’s you that I feel
This love so real
You’re the girl of my dreams

The very first time you smiled back at me
There’s no way that day’s not for me
You were all I wished and adored
It’s the sunshine that’s knockin’ at my door

[repeat Refrain and Chorus]

You’re the starlight
Shining so bright
The answer to my prayers
You’re the sunshine
Please be mine
I’ll give you my love

[repeat Chorus]