Eraserheads: Trip to Jerusalem

Jul 31, 2007

Open your door, dance on the floor
Hey, whats your name, lets play a game
When it begins, your head will spin
I am the champ, come see me stamp

It never ends

Oh tell me do you wanna fly
Fly high way up the sky
Or maybe you dont even have to try
All you have to do is follow that star
But when the star doesnt shine
You wont be able to find your way
And the wise man will still remain
The king of trip to Jerusalem

Sometimes you win, sometimes you fall
Choose holy blood, lose holy grail
Just when you think you’ve gone so far
You find yourself back to the start

The music plays like a heavenly choir
Lovely chairs are there if you get tired
Dont listen to a word he says
Hes jusht trying to distract you
Do your own thing, Stick with what you want

Open your drawer, dance on the floor
And now at last, just the two of us
Only one chair, who will sit there
Is it the king or is it the heir?

[repeat Refrain]

[repeat Chorus except last 2 lines]

The only thing you can do is pray
On our trip to Jerusalem

On our trip to Jerusalem

Spin, spin, gonna spin you around
Gonna spin you around
Gonna spin you around