Eraserheads: Styrosnow

Jul 31, 2007

Styrosnow, styrosnow
We believe in styrosnow
Styrosnow, styrosnow
We love to play in Styrosnow

The winter isn’t coming
Because there isn’t one
And all that falls on Christmas day
Are the warm rays of the sun
We dreamed of Mr. Frosty
And skiing down the slopes
Till our folks fulfilled our wishes
With a little Styrosnow, ho

[repeat Chorus]


It isn’t very pretty
And it’s not even cold
But when it falls from the factory
It’s a wonder to behold
We just use our imagination
Because we have a lot
We know we shouldn’t be so picky, oh
Not when all we got is

[repeat Chorus]

Styrosnow, styrosnow
Fill the world with Styrosnow
Styrosnow, styrosnow
Everyloves that Styrosnow
Keeping it alive with Styrosnow
Everywalk the Styrosnow