Eraserheads: Old fashioned Christmas

Jul 31, 2007

We are the carols king and we’d like to say hello
We’re here to sing every christmas carol we know
So get ready, close or open your windows
Ain’t gonna hide your money, honey we dont care
We’re here to sing tha staples
Old fashioned Christmas carols
Here we go again

Merry Christmas everybody
Happy New Year too
Merry Christmas everybody
Happy New Year too

We’ll sing of chestnuts from frostin’
On a telegraphs comin’ to town
We’ll sing of building a snowman
If you’re telling me it’s Jackson Browne
Silver bells, silver bells, silver all the way
What fun it is to give love
On the warmest christmas day
It doesnt really matter
We’re falling on the ladder
Cause all we really wanna say is

[repeat Chorus]

Come they told me the Lord has come
Let Earth in heavenly peace
Whispering hope, may we smoke hope
We’ll go down in history

We are the carol kings and we’d like to thank you all
You’ve been so very kind
We hope that you’ll have a Christmas bough
We really have to go
Cause there’s a dozen houses more
Well, next year we’ll be knockin on your door again
And soon we’ll be singin
The same song that you’re hearing
Now people let me hear you sing

[repeat Chorus]


Merry Christmas everybody
Happy New Year too