Eraserheads: Flat tire

Jul 31, 2007

We left town to look for someone
Who would listen to some songs
We cooked in our magic kitchen
Change was forbidden
It wasnt clear
Everyone must sing the same old song every year

Like a spell, the sounds came dancing in our heads
Painting pictures as we slept, our souls were fed
In a music box we kept our secret songs
Packed our bags, took the van and not before long

Tides shift and slide to another
Like a flat tire twisting fates
An innocent chance in the destiny dance
Take you down the wizard gates

Never speak to strangers
Often i was told
They looked desperately harmless
I felt bold
Sometime later, alligator
We were friends, shared some stories
Tales of worries, somehow it all blends

Everyone seemed all right
Situation stable
Everyone seemed all right
Never turns out to be quite simple
We had to get back
We packed the wrong bag in the sacks
We had to get back
And she tagged along

[repeat refrain]

[repeat last 4 lines of Chorus]

She tagged along

[repeat refrain]

Take you down the wizards gates