Eraserheads: The fabulous baker

Jul 31, 2007

Baker, baker, baker boy
Bake a girl, bake a boy

They come to me for donuts and blueberry pie
They love my creme merengue
And my fresh baked rye

Have a tast, have a taste
Help yourself, feel free
It’s just you and me
In the fabulous bakery yeah (yeah)

Try the maja-blanca and my leche flan
I never use brown sugar or milk from a can

[repeat Chorus]

Last Xmas, papa died in a freak baking accident
How i cried
Too much flour and too much yeast
A costly mistake for the perfect fruitcake

The fabulous baker boy, thats me
Yeah, thats me

[repeat Chorus]

Good morning Mr. baker boy
Good morning to you sir
Welcome to the bakery