Christian Bautista: She could be

Jul 28, 2007

She comes inside
Been playin’ football with the guys
She’s all high fives, and dirty footprints on the floor
Next thing I know she’s hangin’ out
She’s got her dress and high heels on and we’re alone
I couldn’t ask for nothin’ more
Oh I love the way
A simple smile reveals it all
She calls my name

She could be all I’m ever gonna need
She’s like a beauty queen
In just her T-shirt and her jeans
She could be just the one
I’ve waited for
Could be a perfect score and more
Yeah, she could be, she could be, she could be

It’s Friday night and while her friends are home by nine
We hit the show, tip the bouncer
Skip the line next thing I know we’re out the door
And now she’s dancing in the rain
A fragile flame, flame under the pale blue colored light
I love the way
This girl is not afraid to fall
She calls my name

[repeat Chorus]

She could be that one in a hundred million
A secret the world’s been keeping
That music that keeps repeating
Keeps repeating inside your mind
Like an angel on your shoulder
That makes your colors bolder than you dare
And you want take her everywhere
She could be, yeah

[repeat Chorus]