Christian Bautista: Miracle

Jul 28, 2007

I believe the fantasy
Of what might be you and me, yeah
Somehow i’ve known this moment
Written across the stars in the sky
Something like a miracle
Whether it be real or make believe
I cherish the emotion i never could feel
How a love so divine has taken me over my mind

Not a moment in time precious as this moment with you
The love we have is more than a miracle
Everyday of my life is carefully entwined with you
You’re more than a miracle

You’re takin’ my heart away (to a wonderland)
You hold me in your arms (ever so tenderly)
I’ll whisper words so true
It’s a thrill i can’t deny
How you touch me deep inside
I feel your love every little way, every single day
You’re all i desire, that’s why

[repeat Chorus]

And as the days go by, i’ll show just how much i love you so
You’ll be here always in my heart
Around your way is where i’ll be
Share my love so constantly
Each time i smile is all because of you
And you know it’s true

[repeat Chorus 2x]