Christian Bautista: I will be what I believe

Jul 28, 2007

I aspired to be the best I can
I’m inspired to know what I’ll become
I believe there comes a time
When my star will start to shine
Even though each day in search and up hill climb

But/Cause I believe I can soar to the sky up high
When you’re there, you can inspire
No doubt in my mind
What you dream, you will become
Cause I believe I can climb, pass a mountain high
I’m inspired to reach to the stars
As long as I live, I will be what I believe

There’s a winding road that lies ahead
No one knows what lies beyond the bend
Though the future none can see
I will make my destiny
I can be the best in what I wanna be

[repeat Chorus 2x]

I will be what I believe