Wolfgang: 15th track

Aug 3, 2007

You live in a house
Still you feel cold
Got people nearby
Yet you're alone
Trouble does watch
Yet you don't know
Money in hand
Dimeless in soul

Won in the race
But counted out
Living with friends
Yet fools swim about
King of the world
While nothing abounds
Somewhere someone laughing
And laughing out loud

I used to walk beside him
That's true now I must say
But to get to what I wanted
There was no other way

Sure I am a Dark child
But where would all you be
Without a Dark child to hate like me

So I do what I do
Like he did before me
It's my way of earning
My place in society

Honestly (can you blame me?) when I'm just being me

As I watch him leaving
I wave to him goodbye
He could have been something
With tear in eye I smile

And now it's all over
The game I've finally won
I cant' say I've played it fair now
It's usually how I overcome

So now I am the king
I sit where he once did
Though he failed to conquer
I'm sure I'll fit right in

Honestly (can you blame me?) when I'm just being me