Valley of Chrome: The basic thing

Aug 3, 2007

The basic things are losing their value and the pace of life is so complex
The people around me feel the pressure but I’ll remain forever young
They want more than they need and they give more than they could bleed
They feel they’re next in line yet I’ll remain forever young

I control the hands of time- much to the majority’s dismay
If you’d leave me behind- I’m a picture painted in black and gray
But my colors are inside- when it’s just too difficult to see
And I just feel alive- this means so much to me

Young!! Young!! - holding on and taking grasp
- a vow that I will last
- I’ve learned so much from the past
- I’ll remain forever young

It’s not my age it’s what I really know I can never be content
My commitment can’t be measured because I’ll remain forever young
Witness the hourglass slowly nearing it’s final grain
A lifetime to remember I’ll remain forever young

When the rain has already stopped welcoming the sunshine’s warmth
In a world where right is wrong
When the fountain has already dried in the end we should decide
We’ll sing the song they have’nt sung- I’ll remain forever young

When the well has already dried and the only option is to die
We will dig and find the source let it seep into our pores
Though jaded and mundane the forgotten and unnamed
This is my requiem- I’ll remain forever young