Typecast: Scars of a failing heart

Aug 3, 2007

Broken hopes falling away
Don’t you have something to say
Does it make you sleep?
Emptiness of words that you’ve said
Scars in my heart that you left
Now i’m close to dying
Everything’s failing with thoughts of you
Now i’m down without knowing what’s true
With the way you look at someone else
Everyone’s saying just try to be strong
How i wish that i’m just being wrong
Would you try to hear me out?
The mood of distraction’s prevailing tonight
Have you seen what’s the best and what’s right?
Now you’re gone and you’re on your own
The ghost of my presence is saying goodbye
And i’ll die without making things right
Now you’re gone and i’m on my own
Broken glass cut me to sleep
Wounds are dissected so deep
I don’t want to wake up
I need this blood to warm my hands
And you don’t have to understand
You just got me all wrong