Stone Free: Lost days of May

Aug 3, 2007

We’re finally here
In a little piece of paradise
As tan-skinned ushers
Welcome us with drinks on ice

Let the days of May
Spoil us with delight

And now the sun
To melt your troubles til they’re gone
Let the sea
Wash away our misery

These days of May
Never felt so free

Go, have fun
Under the sun
With your friends
And pray these days won’t end

We bask in the sunshine
In this heaven that we’ve found
Weekend in paradise
As we tread on enchanted ground
Enchanted ground

We just woke up
The day i have dreaded has come
It’s time to go
It’s already Sunday afternoon

These days of May
Come and go too soon

[repeat Chorus]

Go, have fun
Under the sun
We’ll miss the last days
The last days of May