Soapdish: Higher

Aug 3, 2007

Maybe these are all the days
So it seems
Didn’t program all those stupid dreams
I close my eyes ‘coz I’ve seen it all before

I shut my mouth
And listen through the door
Didn’t know what I was looking for
I closed my mind ‘coz I’ve heard it all before

It took me faraway from you
‘Coz every time you know you always do

You’re tellin’ me to be
Real higher
Girl I don’t wanna push myself to you
And I never wanna see
You feel the fire
‘Coz there’s nothing I can do

When I was quiet
All I want was you
Those little somethings
That made me long for you

I will close my eyes
I wanna see it just once more
Took my chance
As you gave it all away
You push it forward
To another day
I closed my eyes ‘coz I’ve seen it all before