Roxie Barcelo: Answer the phone

Aug 3, 2007

Remember boy when i told you that you're my only one
You took a look at me and i felt your arrogance
You said, hey! we're done!
I went away from you to recover
I forgot the pain and become stronger
I?ll never ever give up
And you know that i'm gonna have the last laugh

Hey don?t expect me to answer the phone
You?re thinking that i'm sad & alone
I changed my number coz i've seen the light
You?re out of touch and i know that i'm right

Finally, at last, you saw me in a party you talk to me
You're trying to manipulate the story and you're sorry
You're confident & really sure of yourself
You're demanding everything's forgiven
Can't believe it how conceited you can be
Don't try to deny it

Lalalalalalalalala 2x

Took some time alone just to recover
Filtered out the heartaches to be somber
Focused on the brighter picture
Slowly realized nobody can hurt my soul

Then when i was sure that i recovered
Remembered all the pain as a reminder
There is more to life than trivialities and many more
Seeking for a greater call

Lalalalalalalalala 4x