Rivermaya: It's strange but it's true

Aug 3, 2007

it’s strange but it’s true
i’ve got you on my mind
it’s strange but it’s true
i’m runnin out of time

i smile like I’m blind
declarin we’ll be fine
divided by the great wide ocean
but isn’t it bizarre
i couldn’t make my heart
believe me

oh it’s strange but its true
i’m gonna miss you

it’s strange but it’s true
i couldn’t seem to say
it strange but its true
i long for you to stay

alas, it’s got to be
goodbye for you and me
the best that I can do is make it easy
so girl turn away
before ya hear me say
don’t leave me

its shreddin’ me to strips
your laughter and your lips
I’d have to cope without their daily magic
so baby bye bye
now hug me real tight
and squeeze me