Rivermaya: Bring me down

Aug 3, 2007

Is it unfair?
Would you beware?
If I might catch you in a stare?

Now tell me if its okay,
If I walk past your door today,
I?m running out of happy things to say.

But I don?t need a funny line,
?cause nobody laughs at a castle
that?s (crawling/crumbling) down
with every word you,
every game you,
every hey, hey, hey?

C?mon now tell me
Would it be a better day for you
If you, bring me down?

You got your coat and tie
and your looking so cool
infront of the TV camera, yeah
All that just to tell us
we'll be gone

Now tell me,
is it all ok
if I told you you?re all
funky and gay?
Does anyone ever have a
happy thing to say?