Parokya Ni Edgar: Name fun

Aug 2, 2007

Come on everyone
I say, let’s have a fun
I say i can make a game
Out of anybody’s name

The name of the game
Is name fun
It’s just a little easy
So let’s begun

Well first you need a name
Of course, of a friend or not
But it’s better if it’s from a friend and not
Because it may be difficult if you forgot the name

The first thing you do
Is say the name two times
And then you say “popo”
Even though it doesn’t rhyme
And then you say “amee”
And then you say “mamomony”
And then you say the name
And that’s the end of the game

I hope you understand the rules and the words by heart
Cuz without further ado, i would like to start
Cuz ready or not, i hope you’re ready
Cuz ready or not, let’s do Tony

Tony, Tony popo
amee-mamomomy, Tony

That was a good time
Ok, let’s try a different name this time
Let’s try, let’s try Rony

Rony, Rony popo
amee-mamomomy, Rony

Amazing beauty!
Ok, let’s try someone else this time
Let’s try someone else, let’s do Shony

Shony, Shony popo
amee-mamomomy, Shony

Ayos! O sige, iba naman
Sinong gusto nyo? Sino? Jony

Jony, Jony popo
amee-mamomomy, Jony

Ayos din yun a!
O sige, iba naman
Let’s try a different something, right
Ok, let you the people at home sing along with us
Ok, think of a name
Meron na? O, kantahin na to

___ popo
amee-mamomomy, ___

Aba! ayos din