Nyoy Volante: What is this im feeling for you

Aug 2, 2007

Ive been thinking of you today
And what you said the other day
When you looked at me
And told me how you feel for me

We met at the school
We'd hang-out together
We started out as friends
And learned to like each other

What is this I'm feeling for you?
Why is it you feel the same way too?
Where's the laughter and tears
We shared together?
What is this Im thinking about?
Feel like I dont wanna hang-out anymore
What is this im feeling for you?

I remember the times we chat
The walks along the street
All those silly games we played
Dancing to the night times changed

-repeat chorus-

Why is it hard to understand?
Why is it hard to make demands?
When we feel like wishin'
We just let go....