Nina: Where is love

Aug 2, 2007

Locked inside this place
Searchin for answers
In your arms
Tears run down my face
So much sadness is taking over my heart

Don’t recognize the person I
Used to know
Where did he go
Tell me what’s it gonna be
Talk to me
Where is the love

Love is what’s been missing for so long
Are we givin in by givin up
Where is love, where is love

Seems like yesterday
We were so close
One heart beating
I wish we could lay down our defenses
And start healing

I can see such confusion
Got to be some solution
People change
And I’m willing
Don’t be afraid
Where is the love

[repeat Chorus]

A simple love is what I need
Understanding honesty
It might take a little time
But in my heart I know you’ll find love