Nina: Heaven

Aug 1, 2007

Never been any good at love
Never could find no one that I dreamed of
I must've been too blind to see
That you were always there waiting for me

But then the spell was broken, my eyes opened
Starting believing in love again
Just when i gave up on miracles
You rescued me and showed me the way

You must be an angel
Feels like I've gone to heaven
And it keeps on getting better baby
Caught up in your love spell
Feels like I'm in heaven, heaven

Never thought I'd see the day
A special guy like you would come my way
I wish I knew the reasons why
You gave me the strength for one more try
How could love at first sight
Work out so right
I cant believe this is paradise
Just when I thought love would never come
You came to me swept me away


Suddenly my whole world changes
I found the kind of love that I've been thinking of
I know that dreams come true coz
My heaven is waiting to take me
Take me when I'm with you