Nina: Can't say I love you

Aug 1, 2007

Hey baby, we just met
I have him
You have her
If we fall for each other
Would it be unfair
loving one another this way

You see
I love him so much
and you love her too
but baby when i met you
i felt love so true

Can't say that i love you
but i do
Can't say that i miss you
though it's true
Sometimes i feel i wanna kiss you
And hold you in my arms so tight
but all I can do is stop myself
from loving you

If only i have met you before
When no one else was knockin` on my door
I'll let you in to my heart
When maybe that's the start
Of a promise that we'll never be apart

But if you and Me
Are not meant to be
Lets just set each other free
Let it be

And if you and me together
means forever
Then lets take the chance
and build this romance

But if lovin` each other
would only mean never
let fate bring us back to our lovers
Who promised us Forever