Mayonnaise: Pink white blue

Aug 1, 2007

I know, im not the one you are thinking of
Coz I am your past, and im gone
So what now? Coz I know this will be very hard
To go back in time, press rewind

Coz you don’t know what I really feel
You don’t know what I really mean
You don’t know my, you don’t know my name and the pain

You’re my angel, in my own heaven, life is a miracle
It’s so surprising, uninviting, i’ll never be alone

I know, i’m not the one you’re dreaming of
And i’ll be home soon for you
So help me, to swallow this bitter pill
So I can die away

Life to me is very real, a miracle that I can feel
Everytime I try to sleep, I dream of you and it feels so real
Everytime I try to breathe, i suffocate and I start to bleed
All of these because of you