Kim Chiu: Peng Yu

Aug 1, 2007

(chinese version)
Zhe xie nian yi ge ren
Feng ye guo yu ye zou
You guo lei you guo cuo
Hai ji den jan chi shen mi

Zhen ai guo cai hui dong
Hui ji mo hui hui shuo
Zhong you meng zhong you ni
Zai xin zhong

Peng you yi sheng yi qi zou
Na xie ri zi bu zai you
Yi ju hua yi bei zi
Yi sheng qing yi bei jiu
Peng you bu ceng gu dan guo
Yi sheng peng you ni hui dong
Hai you shang hai you tong
Hai yao zou hai you wo

(tagalog version)
Sa lahat ng luha
Lagi kang may kasama
Sa gitna ng ulan
Karamay mo ako kaibigan

Sa tatahakin mong daan
Di kita iiwan
Di ka na mag-iisa kaibigan

Peng you yi sheng yi qui zou
Na xie ri zi bu zai you
Ating pagkakaibigan di magbabago kailanman
Peng you bu ceng gu dan guo
Yi sheng peng you ni huo dong
Kahit na magkalayo dito ka sa 'king puso

(english version)
All those years alone
The wind has passed the rain had gone
There wer tears there were wrong
Things we hold dear i still recall

If you've had true love then i would know
There is loneliness there are goodbyes
There are dreams always there is you in my heart

Friends walk this life together
Those days will not return
One word one life
A lifetime relationship,a cup of wine
With friends you won't be lonely
Lifelong friends you'd understand
There are wound there is pain
Must go our seperate ways
Always there is me.