Karylle: The real Karylle

Aug 1, 2007

This is the real karylle
Can't nobody hold me down
I'm always gonna be around
I'm gonna keep on holdin it down
Cuz i am the real Karylle
You can find me in magazines
Radio and movie screens
My life is nuthin but a dream

Verse 1:
If you wanna know the real Karylle
Dont watch TV or read magazines cuz
It’s not what you think
you may see me
drivin fancy cars
spendin money
thats not the real karylle
It doesnt take a lot for me to be happy
I like the simple things
All i need is my friends and my family

I dont need diamond rings
expensive things – that’s not for me
i just wanna live my life
i just wanna be set free

This is the real Karylle
I worked all my life to get where im at now
cant nobody hold me down
I didn't come all this way
just to stay on the ground
cuz its my time to shine
and got jay on the track
keepin it live
with FI in the back
Keepin it real
with the real Karylle...yeah

What you see is not what you get
When I'™m at work and I’m on the set
There's more to me than what you see
Cuz that aint really me
I like a walk on the beach
a stroll in the sand
It takes some of that to know who i am
Diamond rings, expensive things
that ain't really me