Jimmy Bondoc: Let me be the one

Aug 1, 2007

somebody told me you were leaving i didint know
somebody told me you're unhappy but it does'nt show
somebody told me that you don't want me no more so your walkin out the door
nobody told me you've been crying everynight
nobody told me you were dying but didn't want to fight
nobody told me that you fell out of love for me so im setting you free

let me be the one to break it up so you won't have to make excuses
we don't need to find a set up where someone wins and someone loses
we just have to say our love was true but has now become a lie
so i'm tellin you i love you one last time and goodbye

somebody told me you still love me i don't know why
nobody told me that you only needed time to fly
sombody told me that you want to come back when our love is real again


just turn around and walk away we don't have to live like this no no
but if we know we can still then stay don't keep me waiting for that final kiss
we could work together through this test or we could work through it apart
i just need to get this out of my chest that you will always have my heart
let me be the one