Jennilyn Mercado: Star Struck Final Judgement

Aug 1, 2007

(Searching for the complete performer
The dreamer, believer, survivor)

I've had enough of dreamin'
I guess it's time to make my move
I never stop believin'
I'm gonna make it, yes, I could
Never stop searching for your star
Wish I may, wish I might
Keep believing, it's not that far
We're gonna make it, yes, tonight's the night


I gotta survive
I gotta keep on going
Gotta stay alive
Gotta keep moving

Keep the faith, keep your cool, keep believin'
When you fall, get on up, keep on groovin'
Hold on tight, don't let go, know your rival
In the end, you'll end up the survivor

Come on everybody there are brand new stars
They all have it and they're giving it
And they won't hold back, yeah
(Dream, believe, survive... starstruck)

(Dream, believe, survive) Yeah
(Dream, believe, survive)

[Repeat CHORUS]