The Akafellas: One in me

Aug 3, 2007

I just cant stop the pain
that your beside me, it so far away
I'm holdin on to these lies
that even that one day you'll be my prize

It's like wishin on the star
that i know will never be mine
i cry and cry whenever that star
isn't there to shine

so now i tell my heart
before i lose my mind
that i dont have you

hey im here for you
and you just dont seem to care
but im here to stay
and forever baby
and i'd be here in your arms
hopin that someday
you'll see me
find the one in me

how i wish that you know (what I keep inside)
even just a bit of me i can show
coz i'm dreamin' of you everynight

hoping that someday
you'll be by my side
and now its killin' me
this fantasy's been
blowin up my head
and i just wanna wake up
but here i fall there back again
so i might as well
believe that your the only one for me


and i just cant get out you out of my head
i'd build the hurt all over again
coz i know you wont be mine
but keep it up this time
that your the only one for me

pap parara pa..
pap parara pa.....
just open your heart
will you ever see the love
the love in me