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Sep 3, 2007

Hui! So you’re searching for free Chinese MP3 downloads but don’t know where to begin. Well, no problem. Listed here are some great sites where you can get good quality free Chinese MP3 downloads. Note that these free Chinese MP3 download sites are only a selected few from the dozens of sites out there.

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Free-Music is a great resource site for free Chinese MP3 downloads. Getting your free Chinese MP3 downloads is a simple, three-step process of searching for a particular song or movie, then clicking on download, and finally burning the file to create your own CDs.

Join over 1,800.000 users online and start getting your free Chinese MP3 downloads from Free-Music. The total number of songs shared in this site reach up to over 92,000,000 and the number of movies shared is over 123,000,000.

You need the following minimum requirements in order to get this site to work for you: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP or MacOs X, 64MBRAM, 233Mhz CPU, 5MB of Disk Space, and 20GB Hard Drive.

Free Chinese MP3 Downloads -- offers free Chinese MP3 downloads, including songs from Chinese and Western artists. To view the site in its original format, you need to have a special Chinese language pack and you need to understand Chinese. Other than that, the site is pretty easy to navigate and has some cool graphics for a visual feast.

Free Chinese MP3 Downloads - is perhaps the most comprehensive online directory of all things Chinese, including free Chinese MP3 downloads. Here you can find numerous links to Chinese websites that offer free Chinese MP3 downloads and other products.

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SoundClick is a site that offers MP3 songs and files that you can download for free. In their special Band page, the site has featured free Chinese MP3 downloads from popular Chinese artist, Jay Chou. Get up to 9 free Chinese MP3 downloads by this artist, including such songs as Notice Me, Dui Bu Qi, Peninsula Iron Box, Ai Zai Xi Yuan Qian, Qing Tian, and more. You can even get these free Chinese MP3 downloads through lo-fi (for dial-up modems) or hi-fi (broadband connections).

Free Chinese MP3 Download -

Get a load of free Chinese MP3 downloads and song lyrics from At this site, you can also talk about the latest songs released by your favorite artists, both Chinese or stateside, or ask people which are the top sites to search for more free Chinese MP3 downloads.